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Notbox Commercial & Retail Solutions
A Notbox is an environmentally focused alternative to plastic bags, cardboard boxes and plastic containers. We provide storage boxes for general household goods that fold from flat to assembled in seconds, as well as dedicated Supermarket shopping boxes and cool boxes that fit into a standard UK shopping trollys.

Many retailers provide plastic bags for shopping or plastic containers for storage, but these are often thrown away or dumped in bins/skips at the end of their life. In addition, hard plastic boxes frequently lose their lids, are not child friendly, look ugly left in corners and often end up in landfill.

The Notbox replacement provides a soft eco friendly box alternative that comes in a range of colours for shopping or storage. The shopping set (2 boxes) allows for easy transfer of goods from the trolly to the car, or the car to the home, whist our household storage boxes are ideal for home items, paper records, tools, or children’s toys. All boxes can be stacked.

Notboxes typically carry 10Kg-15Kg in weight and feature robust handles or a shoulder strap. They are available in a range of sizes with quick release zip or velcro lids and can be folded flat for storing in a cupboard, wardrobe, under a bed, in the boot of a car, or in a garage/loft when not in use.

Notbox Supply Chain Shipping & Storage Solutions
We also provide a range of Notbox solutions that are ideal for Warehouse Picking, Promotional Packaging, Reusable Packaging, Temperature Controlled Packaging, Inter-Store Transfers, Retail Sales, Home Delivery, and Global Supply Chain Solutions.

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